Socionics Courses and Degrees

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(in contrast to the MBTI courses which are mostly provided by private training companies, Socionics courses are provided by research institutes)


Master (MS) of Socionics
Scientific Research Socionics institute

-The foundations of personality
– Technology professional diagnosis types of information metabolism
– Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems
– Expert management of the development and improvement of quality of life
– Psychology and Socionics. The theory of psychological types, complementing the socionics

Next course: 10 march 2016
Duration:      8 days

– Socionics and personal development- module 1-2 session (one session-20 hrs. )- 15000 RUB per session
-Socionics and overcoming the basic forms of fear-(one session-20 hrs.)- 15000 RUB
-Socionics and psychosophy-(one session-20 hrs. )- 15000 RUB
-“Happy family”-two sessions- 15000 RUB per session

Prospekt Mira 95, Moscow, Russia, 129085
НИИ Соционики
7 495 649 70 74
7 916 362 84 72


Bachelor’s degree (BS) of Socionics
Scientific Research Socionics institute

-The foundations of personality
-Technology professional diagnosis types of information metabolism
-Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems
-Expert management of the development and improvement of quality of life
-Psychology and Socionics. The theory of psychological types, complementing the socionics

Next course: 10 march 2016
Duration: 8 days

Investment (in $RUB):
– Internally-correspondence course-intensive “all about socionics. Short and clear ” (BS)- 2-Modules, 7 days (49 hours) + webinars-30000 per module,50000 per course
– Team-building ® (BS)- 5 modules (1, 2, 3, 5 a module 4 module two-four session) (each session-20 hrs). 1.2 modules-15000 per session; 3.4 modules-16500 per session; Module 5-18500 per session
– Evening course “all about socionics”-24 lessons-800 per lesson-16000 when paying the entire course immediately
– A course of socionics “Correspondence”-2 session webinars 25 hours-40000 per course

Prospekt Mira 95, Moscow, Russia, 129085
НИИ Соционики
7 495 649 70 74
7 916 362 84 72


A Course of Socionics
Socionics Scientific Research Socionics institute

Next course: 10 march 2016
Duration: 8 days

Content/Investment (in $RUB):
A course of socionics “Correspondence”-2 session webinars 25 hours-40000 per course.

Prospekt Mira 95, Moscow, Russia, 129085
НИИ Соционики
7 495 649 70 74
7 916 362 84 72


Evening course “all about socionics”
Socionics Scientific Research Socionics institute

Next course: 10 march 2016
Duration: 8 days

Content/Investment (in $RUB):
Evening course “all about socionics”-24 lessons-800 per lesson-16000 when paying the entire course immediately.

Prospekt Mira 95, Moscow, Russia, 129085
НИИ Соционики
7 495 649 70 74
7 916 362 84 72


Ukrainian Socionics Centre

Next Course: Anytime
Duration:      26 hourse
Content/Investment (in $RUB):
Theoretical and practical exercises to study Socionics:
1) individual (1 person per 1 hrs.)- $ 30
2) Group (from 5 persons) on request (1 person per 1 hrs.)- $ 20

02090, Ukraine, Kiev, box 48
Socionic services of Centre of Socionics in education, socionics, psychology, sociology, pedagogics, politics, management, health, organization of rest, solving problems of family and interpersonal relationships on basis of socionic personality type.
38 044 559 84 67


Intensive Course on Socionics
Kaliningrad Centre of Socionics

Jungs Theory. Detailed analysis of all 8 information aspects. Reinin’s Traits. Measuring Subtypes.Text, Visual methods of type definition. Working with video interviews and clips for a type definition. Blocks and clubs. Socionic small groups.

Next Course: anytime
Duration: 7 days. The total volume of the program-about 50 hours.

ul. General-leutenanta Ozerova, 19, Kaliningrad, Russia, 236022
Калининградский центр соционики (КЦС). Обучение, типирование, семинары.
90-0000-19, 8-952-112-73-73


Bachelor’s Degree (BS) of Socionics
Scientific Socionics Society

Next course: anytime
Duration:      2 months

Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Russia


Society “Socionics”

Socionics certification course. This certificate shall give entitlement to the student to deal with his family, in the collective, but it is not a document that gives right to teach courses for a wider audience.

Next course: Anytime
Duration: 35 hours

Akmenyu street, Madona, Latvia


Courses of Socionics
Structural School of Socionics

-What is the socionics? History of origin and development of Socionics.
-Information flow, its Division into aspects.
-Semantic filling (semantics) aspects of information flow.
-Information metabolism (processing of information).
-Model and information metabolism, it blocks.
-Types of information metabolism (Integrated).
-Dimension model and channels.
-Signs of aspects of information flow And etc.

Школа структурной соционики-Курсы


Courses of socionics in Astana

1. training to better master the socionics as the tool of knowledge themselves and manage their development and efficiency. Theory of information metabolism not only defines a constant psychological personality type, but also allows you to build yourself up to a whole-to know their weaknesses and working on an unconscious level the parties (metaprograms), find a way to make them stronger and learn to consciously use these perceptual filters.

2. Socionics-the key to understanding, effective interaction and management. The training teaches you how to use the Augusta studied family relationships as a basis for the formulation of creative groups, capable of constantly going out to a new qualitative level, to overcome the crisis, to act in the face of uncertainty.

3. vertical socionics: who at some level of consciousness is and how the six levels of consciousness socionics works. Or answers to the questions: why I adore their supervisors? Why am I not handle the Activator? Why I hate my add-on?Using logical levels of Bertrand Russell would make one more step to get to know yourself and others to withdraw from the “Trance” habitual reactions and scenarios and really take responsibility for your life is to embark on a path of creation itself and its destiny.

Investment: ₸ 30000

The course is designed for those already familiar with the fundamentals of socionics, and will take a step towards greater efficiency in practical use of the system.

Astana, Kazakhstan


International Institute of Socionics

Melnikova str., 12, Kiev-50, 04050, Ukraine
(+38044) 558-09-35

Main activities:

• Development of applied socionic and psychological techniques aimed at formation and reorganization of differently structured groups of people.
• Development and utilization of management techniques for teams of various structure.
• Improvement of pedagogical techniques on the basis of the socionics theory and practice.
• Development of new advertising and marketing principles and methods.
• Popularization and proliferation of socionic knowledge, coordination of research activities in socionics and allied sciences.
• Conducting of socionics seminars and trainings.
• Development of theoretical grounds of socionics as a doctrine of information exchange. Advancement of applied socionics as a new instrument in humanities and natural sciences.
• Modeling of individual and integrated (social) mentality and informational aspects of its interaction with the environmen.
• Study of psycho-informational personal types and intertype relationships.
• Analysis of social, political and historical processes.
• Analysis of ethnos and states mentality (ethno-socionics, integrated socionics), ideological, philosophical and religious systems.
• Theoretical and practical study of mental phenomena within the framework of a new direction – physics of consciousness.
• Study of transpersonal mental sphere.
• Development of new methods of natural and anthropogenic disaster forecasts (using E.Nesmyanovich’s method).

International Institute of Socionics hosts annual international socionics conferences, publishes scientific journals “Socionics, mentology and personal psychology”, “Management and Personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology”, “Psychology and Socionics of interpersonal relations” and other related literature. At each conference, dozens of experts report on the results obtained, discuss their experiences and participate in discussions. Intensive scientific communication contributes to the further development of socionics.


• Services for definition of personality type (your and other people with the detailed description of types and recommendations), forecasting of behavior of the people, establishing of the relations with other people necessary for you necessary for you.
• Complete purposeful formation of new staffs for banks and other commercial structures according to a kind of activity and solving tasks. Thus the complete psychological, informational and business compatibility of the staff members and selection of the necessary chiefs is achieved, that provides much higher, in comparison with usual staffs, working efficiency.
• Conduction of socionic examinations of commercial structures, increase of activity efficiency of already existing collectives, elimination of conflict situations, optimum rearrangement of the staff in conditions of reorganization.
• The selection of the candidates on vacant posts, especially on key posts, with maintenance of complete psychological, informational and business compatibility both with a direct management and with staff.
• Formation of working collective for the concrete chief with maintenance of complete psychological, informational and business compatibility.
• In addition to the specified services the training on socionic concepts and new methods of work with the people is conducting.
• The complete confidentiality and, if necessary, anonymity of services is provided at the request of the customer.

The International Institute of Socionics developed the computer programs allowing, on the basis of the data received at interview, to simulate a situation in collective and to predict results of rearrangements, reorganization, filling of vacancies. The programs allow to determine a so-called integrated type of collective as single unit, its “character”, features of its interaction with a management, effectiveness ratio of interaction for all collective, for any of its division and for each member of collective.

The report (150-300 pages) as the reference book on collective, with the descriptions of the main psychological features of the employees, relations and character of interactions inside collective, recommendations for correction of collective, improvement of its psychological climate, optimization of conditions of its functioning is given to the customer as a result of our work. The report is accompanied with the oral explanations. All material moves in a form accessible for layman, that allows the chief to use it in work at once.

If necessary, we consult on a constant basis, for a number of years tracing dynamics of changes in collective, on a basis of already available data.

Kiev Seminar “Socionics”

The activity of the scientific seminar on the theory of informational metabolism (socionics) began in Kiev in 1986. From 14 November 1988, thanks to the initiative of the organization VD Ermak, a practical workshop officially started at Kyiv City Teacher’s House (ul.Vladimirskaya, 57).

On the second Monday of the month at 18.00 those who have mastered the basics of socionics, socionics application uses in its work and has the desire and intent to participate in the development of science, socionics, the development of its theoretical and applied problems are meeting in the seminar. Each year the workshop (September to June) is traditionally defined by the common theme of the year, which is broken down into topics of weekly meetings. Sessions of the seminar are led by leading researcher of the International Institute of Socionics: AV Bukalov, VV Gulenko, VD Ermak, SI Churyumov, GA Shulman. The seminar is also attended by other experts of related sciences.

Training seminars for managers

International Institute of Socionics invites all managers, directors, shareholders, top managers, heads of personnel departments and HR-managers to the training seminars “Socionic methods of effective management.” The workshop participants will get practical knowledge on the use of new methods of working with the staff and the efficient use of human resources. The proposed methodology of the International Institute of Socionics developed and used for 17 years for counseling in groups of more than 95 companies in Russia and Ukraine, including RAO “Gazprom”, firms, banks, commercial and municipal structures and the structures of the MVD.

HR audit and socionic expertise of teams

International Institute of Socionics (MIS) is the leading and most respected research and consulting organization in the field of socionics, not only in CIS, but also in the whole world. Since 1991, the MIS conducts expert and consulting work in the field of management and construction of effective management and production teams in Russia, Ukraine and other countries. During this time, the services of MIS have been used by more than 115 enterprises, organizations, banks, commercial firms of Ukraine and Russia, including 30 companies of RAO “Gazprom”, a number of Russian and Ukrainian banks, insurance companies, city halls, trade and industrial organizations.

For executives and managers at all levels of MIS conducts training seminars on building effective working teams and the correct selection of staff.

In addition, the staff of the International Institute of Socionics conduct individual and family counseling for individuals.

1. Drafting Psychoinformational portrait employee

Psychological and socionic testing of personnel. The testing process is a conversation (for 20-30 min.) during which socionic, psychological and informational characteristics of a person are determined. Afterwards, an analysis of the data is performed, and the customer is given the information about basic psychoinformation, what kind of activities the employee will perform best, and in which areas he/she will need advice and assistance, what are his/her incentives. Results are provided in a convenient, standardized form, allowing the customer to obtain information required for a degree of detail.

2. Drawing psychoinformational collective portrait with forecasting business and interpersonal interactions Based on testing conducted as in claim 1, and using specialized software developed by the International Institute of Socionics, an analysis of the team and the interactions in it can be performed. Information is provided in a very visible manner. The employer is able to look at the team as a whole, to see its weaknesses, possible conflicts and inconsistencies, to understand exactly what methods of influence on the team will be effective, what kind of issues need to be addressed. In addition, the “real-time” answers can be given to questions about the planned actions (What happens if N. Is appointed head of the department? What will be the result of the merger of the two departments? How exactly is this team divided into groups? What are must have qualities of an employee, planned to replace someone?).

3. The definition of motivation and loyalty of employees

It uses a computer program evaluating the motivation and loyalty of employees, using a special procedure related to the estimated 25-35 concepts, a list of which can be adjusted according to your wishes. This unique product is certified by State Standard of the Russian Federation. Testing can be carried out both on computer, and by filling in a special form (without a computer), profiles may be designated by employee name or be anonymous, numbered (for privacy). The data is transmitted to us for analysis. The result is given in the form of a brief (about page), which sets out the most significant motives, the degree of satisfaction, attitude to the most important concepts, degree of loyalty is estimated. Data exchange can be done by mail or by e-mail.

4. Package according to AP. 1-2 or 1-3

This type of package gives up a full head of an information handbook on the team. This information is relevant for a long time, serving as a reliable tool in situations of personnel changes, reorganizations, changes in activities, etc. Specific recommendations concerning the management of collective conflict resolution are offered. If a company orders a package, after the initial survey, we can test new employees in the future after significant personnel changes and update information about the relationships within the group, that is, the full information is updated very quickly and is much cheaper.

Regarding socionic expertise of the team, please contact:
tel / fax: (38044) 558-09-35

Training Workshop on Socionics for managers and HR-managers

At the training seminars, training in the basics of socionics and new ways of working with the staff is conducted. Training Workshop on the first level “Socionic methods of effective management and motivation of personnel management” introduces the basic concepts and principles of socionics creating groups. This training seminar is addressed to managers, executives and employees of personnel services.

Those who passed the initial training are offered the training seminar of the second level “Socionic expert teams and management.”

Individual psychological and socionic consulting

During the conversation lasting from one hour to one and a half hours, the experts of the International Institute of Socionics define basic parameters of psychoinformational personality, and find out the problems in need of resolution. One of the potential areas of consulting is career counselling.

Family psychological and socionic consulting Counselling of couples and families (problems between spouses and between parents and children) helps people understand each other better, resolve the problems, resolve conflicts, improve relations and mutual understanding.

For questions about an individual and family counseling, please contact:
Tel: (38 044) 558-09-35 or (38 098) 155-45-44